So, this is what we’ve been up to!

I don’t think we could be more excited about anything ever! I do want to take a sec and thank absolutely everyone that has ever been involved with one or many of our episodes.  This without a doubt took a village, and we hope that we get to bring the real deal back to our community and make more with you guys…ON TV!

two friends of mine made a consistently great webseries and sold the project to FX.

I’m so very excited for them, and encourage you to watch their webseries, including this one I directed about their Moms getting in a huge catty brunch fight.

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    I love this series and I want Ruby to interview the girls for HelloGiggles.
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    This series is amazing! I watched it all in one sitting. They are UCBers which is such an inspiration. So excited to...
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    I. Am. So. Excited! Congratulations! Talent + Work + Drive = what will most likely become my favorite new tv show.
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    I’m posting this again because I re-read this post and my eyes watered. These ladies make me smile when I see them,...
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